Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shoot (Part 3)

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Daniel took a deep breath; it was all about to begin. From the first flash, Daniel was quite surprised. It was like his body was on auto-pilot. He was able to strike poses and respond quickly to commands. Everyone seemed to quite happy with his posing. It’s quite possible that this was all going to go off without a hitch despite the whole body swapping thing.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Break out (Part 2)

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Brian wandered around his old hideout for the next few hours. He needed to wait for the cops to clear before going back to get the body swapping device. After a while, a red head in a green dress came up him and hugged his leg.

“Oh, baby,” She said, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you! When you didn’t show up, I got worried! I thought we were going to” She winked.

Brain smiled and realized he had switched bodies with a lesbian, and this was her lover. With the cops still swarming around his hideout, he figured he had a bit of time for some fun.

Familiar (Part 2)

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Marty felt accomplished after only a week in his new body. He biggest achievement was breaking it off with this woman’s famously abusive boyfriend. It set off a media frenzy. He had several interviews already, and he spoke out against abuse and championed women’s right on each and every one. Many questioned the skimpy outfits he wore while speaking about the subject, but he objected! A woman should be allowed to wear whatever she wanted without any sort of fear on how men would treat her based on that outfit! Trust be told, when he first saw this woman’s wardrobe, he had considered buying an entirely new one, but he soon discovered that he enjoyed dressing in revealing outfits!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


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As Mike drove home, he began to wonder how he would explain this all to his wife. How would he tell her that her middle aged husband switched bodies with a much younger Asian woman? Then again, why did he have to tell her? Why did he even have to go home? After all, he had a new body now, why couldn’t he also have an entirely new life to go with it? It’s not like anyone would believe who he really was anyway. The poor girl in his body probably wouldn’t be able to convince anyone either. This could be his chance to make up for past mistakes, lost time, and so much more. He turned the car around and started heading back, away from home.

Immediately (Part 1)

When the Great Shift happened, Kevin noticed the change almost immediately. His hand went straight for the most obvious difference. It was gone; the thing that defined him as a man was gone. With his hand down his pants, he no longer felt anything familiar between his legs. Of course, even the pants themselves were strange to Kevin. They were tight, shiny, and green--nothing like the plain black jeans he had been wearing a moment ago. He saw the shoes now on his feet; they were high heels and very feminine-looking. He was a woman now, and he’d have to get used to it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Game show (Part 3)

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Toshi breezed through the quiz questions as stage hands set up the physical challenges. He hadn’t expected this part to be too hard; it was how his new body would handle some of the things they’d have him doing next. Was this woman strong enough? How much of his natural skill and training simply shine through it all? This borrowed body certainly didn’t feel very able.

Children and parents (Part 4)

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Frank and Emily probably should have known their efforts to get into the concert would be futile. They couldn’t even get passed security. Tickets were sold out and the story of two young women looking for their parents just didn’t seem all that likely to the bouncer. They exited the venue, hoping that their daughters would return home soon enough and swap back with the two parents.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Like many, Willard was confused when he found himself in someone else’s body as a result of the Great Shift. He wanted nothing more than to go home, but it was quite a ways away now, and he no longer had his keys to get in. This woman must have a home. At first, he attempted to check his pockets until he realized there was a purse slung around one shoulder. He found some keys and an out of state ID. His new body was only 20 years old, and he suspected by the ID that she was a student at the local college. He couldn’t find anything to tell if she was staying in a dorm or off campus, let alone an exact address. Without knowing where to go, he made his way to a local bar. It was packed with others who were confused about where to go or what to do. The television had been turned on, awaiting words from the President. Willard was shocked to see a ditzy looking blond behind the podium. They had used a suit to try and hide it, but Willard noticed she had some massive breasts. His expression turned grave. At least he was a normal woman and not some kind of caricature.

Change of plans (Part 5)

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Tom returned to the park day after day. Things slowly returned to normal, and crowds became a daily occurrence. It was on a particularly packed day when a man named Grant approached Tom. The two hit it off immediately. After several months of dating, they each knew they found “the one.” Tom still had to confess that he was a man before the Shift. It didn’t affect Grant in the slightest; he explained that he was a woman before the Shift as he got down on one knee. Wedding bells were in the couple’s future, and the motherly urges Tom had been feeling since the Great Shift would soon be realized.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Smuggled (Part 1)

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Gavin considered himself a world-class smuggler, specializing in transporting people over borders to America. He was good at what he did thanks to his body swapping device. First, he’d swap himself at home in the states; with his criminal record, he would be instantly recognized if he tried to travel by plane. He often stole a blonde woman’s body for the task; he hated being a woman, but he found they aroused less suspicion. Then he’d get some animals from an animal shelter. He’d fly to a country -- this time he got two dogs and was going to Mexico. He’d been using the device once he landed to switch a couple’s mind temporarily into the animals. Once back north of the border, he’d swap their minds back into humans. It was a pretty air tight plan. The foreigners would have perfect new and legal identities, the citizen’s whose lives had been stolen would be dogs and not be able to tell anyone what happened. The only loose end was the person he would swap with.


This device was great! Ted plugged it into his phone and snapped a photo of anyone. Then that photo would appear on the device, he could make a few alterations, and then it would transform him into that image! He could be anyone he wanted to be! His first trip would be to a bar as a beautiful woman in hopes of scoring some free drinks!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Danielle knew there was only one thing worse than being stuck in the body of her little brother; the fact that he was stuck in her body. Their father’s invention had swapped their bodies, and she had hoped to keep a low-key until he was able to fix the machine and switch them back. She tried to dress as her brother would normally the next day, but then she saw how HE had decided to dress. He would be a walking embarrassment for her; she’d never live this down when she got back to her own body.