Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shoot (Part 4)

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It was finished. Daniel was walking off the set, and he hoped now everyone could concentrate on getting their bodies back. However, there was already a concern. The lighting assistant had tried to press the button on the device again, but nothing had happened. They were all still stuck in their new bodies. But the device was actually gone. The trickster had taken the bodyswapper back, putting the original light meter back in its place. Everyone would be stuck in their new body until the trickster decided otherwise.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Lock out

Body swap
Abe pulled hard on the green doors, but they were locked and wouldn’t budge. Just last week he had been here and agreed to a temporary body swap with a woman named Michelle Andrews. He had a good time as her for the past seven days, but he wanted to get back to his own body! He arrived at the exact right time, and he was sure this was the place! But it was locked! If he couldn’t get in, how could he get to device that would put him back into his own body!

Anniversary (Part 2)

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Chris first looked for Lucy at the restaurant. The staff had a bit of a hesitation, considering what he currently looked like. Fortunately, the fact that everyone else had their bodies swapped as well made Chris’s story convincing. He approached his wife’s body first, but it was clear she had been shifted. It turned out that his wife was in the body of one of the dishwashers. They knew it would be difficult going forward, but Chris and Lucy walked hand-in-hand, knowing that in this crazy body swapped world that they at least had each other.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


TG Body Swap
It was one of the longest flights that Daniel had ever been scheduled to fly. He had bought business class for the extra leg room, and for the first few hours it was a pretty uneventful flight. Then the plane hit some extremely bad turbulence. It was bumpier than any he could remember. The lights started to flash, and soon the oxygen masks fell. Daniel quickly put his on, but in the next moment, he realized he was no longer in his comfortable seat, but he was in the back with the crew. He was even more surprised when he discovered that he was now in the body of one of the stewardesses! The plane had flown through a strange cloud that swapped the bodies of everyone on the plane. Daniel soon began to wonder who the pilots had swapped with; if they weren’t still in the cockpit, there would be real danger!

Zen (Part 2)

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After a few more minutes, Nick finally spoke, “What the hell?” It was weird hearing a feminine voice come from his mouth. He was going to bolt up to his feet, but the weight on his chest felt strange as he tried to stand. He ended up on his knees with his hands on his hips, demanding an answer.

“Your chi must be out of alignment, Mr. Breyer. You must be very stressed for this to have happened. We must continue the session to realign your Zen if you hope to get back to your own body,” The instructor responded.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Drunken (Part 1)

TG Caption body swap
Only a few seconds after switching bodies with Jenny, Albert passed out. He wasn’t sure if it was from the shock of being in someone else’s body or if it was because of all the booze she had consumed. She had drunken so much to build up the courage to cast the magic spell and take his body. Considering her wasted state, it was surprising she was even able to remember the proper words. But now that she was in Albert’s body, she wouldn’t be the one to have to deal with the hangover.


Tyler woke up feeling groggy. He stumbled to the bathroom still in a haze. He applied shaving cream and started to shave, but soon realized that his face was incredibly smooth. He should have a good amount of stubble. And that’s when he finally looked in the mirror and saw his reflection. A woman’s face looked back at him! He couldn’t believe it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Pond

TG Caption
Beth was not an outdoor kind of girl. When her boyfriend, David, asked her to go on a short hike with him, she tried to refuse, but he just wouldn’t let her. She certainly didn’t have any hiking clothes, so she just went in what she was wearing. After only a few minutes in, she begged to go back, but David kept going with a certain drive. She should’ve been suspicious, but she was too busy complaining. A few more minutes later and they came to a small pond. David acted like the find was spontaneous, but it wasn’t. He knew the pool had the power to swap two people’s bodies if they were in it at the same time. He encouraged Beth to relax and take a break by jumping in. She refused; she was not dressed for swimming! David knew he was too close to pass this up. He reacted quickly by pushing her in, then jumped in himself. He didn’t notice the change until he made it out of the pond. He was soaking wet, but he also now had Beth’s body. He let out a grin as he gave his new butt a quick feel. A few moments later, Beth would come out of the pond with David’s body. She would not be nearly as pleased with the switch.

Chubby (Part 1)

Marvin had gone to strange tent in a carnival where a woman with a glass eye told him he could swap his body with anyone else. He made one simple request, “I want to be an Asian woman!” She asked if wanted anything else, to be more specific. He restated his original request. The next thing he knew, he felt sleepy. He awoke soon later and could realize his mistake. He felt heavy; he had a bit of  trouble moving his new larger body. He was an Asian woman, but a VERY chubby one. He quickly put on her coat to return to the carnival--he had to fix this!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Body hopper

Body Hopper TG Caption
Heading out to a bar to pick up a woman would be a typical nighttime activity for most men, but the way Roger would do it was a little bit different. He was a body hopper. He wasn’t concerned with “picking up” a woman, so much as just “picking” one. Sometimes it would take him all night to decide, but this time he found someone almost immediately. She wore a silver swearshirt over a nice dress. He wouldn’t even need to talk to her. He just had to look at her and concentrate. Within a few moments, his soul exited his own body and entered hers. He always smiled as he gained control of a borrowed body. Some bodies took some getting used to, others it would take a while for him to start actually enjoting, but this one was instantly appealing. He made a great pick this time.

Evil smile

An evil smile came across Anthony’s face when he realize his magic spell had worked. It had allowed him to swap bodies with Angela, and now he could do anything he wanted. He could completely embarrass her, or he could just continue on in her body and with her life for the foreseeable future. The latter was seeming like the preferable option to him at this time.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Unprofessional (Part 1)

Just because they were there to conduct business didn’t mean that Lloyd and Will were exempt from the rules of Exchange Island. They had swapped bodies with two very attractive women and after their meeting, they decided to hit the beach. Will felt uncomfortable in his new body, but Lloyd embraced it. As Will awkwardly felt himself up, Lloyd pulled his business partner close. He hinted as exploring lesbianism, but Will couldn’t help but think that it might be a little unprofessional.