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Saturday, April 27, 2013

ASAP! (Part 10)

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Several years later, and Dr. Samuel Blake was still looking for a way to swap back bodies with Miho. Many of his failed attempts at doing so created plenty of genius inventions in their own right -- including a mind reading device and a teleporter! As a result, getting kicked off campus had been no big deal. Plenty of offers came rolling in. Many had been from private companies, but Dr. Blake chose another school who offered the chance for several degrees. He wanted to make sure that when he found a way to switch back that he was giving Miho the kind of life she deserved.


  1. Thanks for conti uing. Good story. I glad hes still trying to swap back. Hows Mihlo doing as him?

  2. I've enjoyed this series, sooo even thought the good doctor has been working to find a way to swap back, does Mihlo really want to at this point?

  3. great series! What model did you use for these pictures?