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Monday, April 29, 2013


TG Body Swap Sibling
When Danielle graduated college, she quickly went to work to start a successful business. When her brother Gerald graduated a few years later, he quickly found himself mooching off of her. After a few months of dealing with her slacker brother, Danielle got angry at him. She wished he understood how hard she worked for the money to take care of both of them, and in the early morning hours, the wish was granted. The siblings woke up the next morning to find their bodies switched. Danielle was in a state of panic, but Gerald told her to relax; he could take care of things at her office for a day. He quickly showered and put on a pair of pants from the back of her closet. They weren’t quite appropriate work attire, but Gerald really had no idea what was the right thing for a woman to wear to an office. He arrived and just found himself lounging about most of the day. It seemed no one asked him for anything. He couldn’t believe how easy it was! What he didn’t realize was that it was his job to ask things of others. If he didn’t ask, things didn’t get done. If this body swap fiasco didn’t soon reverse itself, he’d have a lot to learn about running his sister’s business. Of course, he’d also have a lot to learn about her body as well!


  1. Bet she regrets making that wish, lol. Her sexy body looks great on her brother ;)

  2. I bet the education is just beginning!