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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Band practice

Sam had been playing in various bands with his best friend Peter for years. In recent weeks, however, things had gotten a little bit shaky between the two. Peter had gotten a new girlfriend, Libby, and had been bailing on band practice. Sam wasn’t going to take this threat stand. Using a simple magic spell, he swapped himself into Libby’s body. Now in her body, Sam was ready to resume band practice with Peter. He grabbed his guitar and put on an outfit way hotter than anything Libby would ever wear. But Peter was not happy about the swap. He loved Libby -- body AND mind. The idea of his best friend inside her body was just weird. The band would break up, but the spell turned out to be irreversible. Sam would be stuck in Libby’s body!


  1. Lucky Sam, not so lucky Libby :D

  2. Same with the soul of a rocker in that body! He'll be rich and famous in no time! LOL