Monday, April 29, 2013

On and on (Part 1)

“...And it was with this medallion that I’m holding. That’s how I was able to switch our bodies. I can switch us back again in about 12 hours.”

Erick didn’t really care about the details on how Destiny had switched bodies with him; he was just happy that she had switched bodies with him. He hadn’t believed her when she first talked about some sort of magic charm that was capable of such a feat, but he had so hoped for it to be true that he agreed to it. The next phase of his plan was to make sure he disappeared before the 12 hours were up, but the time being he was just listening as Destiny went on an on about how the Medallion of Zulu worked. He was so bored.


  1. WITTY & funny. good story. He's actingl ike a female now smiling & pretendiing to listen. Good start

  2. Ah, I loved the names - Eric and his new Destiny body! Lol.