Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First night

Exchange Island was a popular vacation spot for Tripp and his wife Annabelle. Plus, as a high roller, he paid for the premium of selecting bodies in advance. He would always pick the same types of busty women for his wife and musclebound men for him. Annabelle had gotten tired of it and asked if she could select the bodies this year. Tripp reluctantly agreed. He was certainly shocked at her pick for him! This time he would apparently be the woman! He guessed it was a bit of revenge for some of the slutty-looking women he had picked out for Annabelle in years past, but he had never chosen anything quite this bad for her! He felt exposed as he combed the beach looking for Annabelle. She was in a muscular manly body and greeting him with a smile. He knew what it meant and his heart sank. Each year on the first night of their vacation would be an hours long lovemaking session. For the first time, Tripp would be the woman in that session!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, now that is poetic justice! I think Tripp is about to have an epiphany! Life from the other side of the gender fence. LOL Loved the CAP!