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Monday, April 22, 2013


TG Body Swap
Max couldn’t help but wonder why so many people were staring at him as he entered his office and sat down at his desk. It wasn’t until he looked at himself in the mirror that he understood. He would have never remembered what she looked like if her face wasn’t now staring back at him. He had bumped into her upon leaving the subway. The two had hit with such force that both were knocked to the ground. They each apologized to the other, he picked up his briefcase, she picked up her purse, and they both continued on their way. It wasn’t the first time he had banged into someone on the crowded streets during rush hour, but it was certainly the first time he’d ever switched bodies with a person he ran into! It was no wonder his co-workers were staring. They had no idea who this beautiful, young woman was, and they were likely even more confused as to why she was sitting at Max’s desk. He couldn’t explain to them who he really was, could he? He doubted that they would believe him.

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