Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pink bag (Part 2)

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TG Body Swap
Conner met back up with Francine later, but he just continued his plan. When she asked about the medallion, he played dumb. She told him about how it switched their bodies, how he promised to switch them back, and about the pink bag.

Conner just put his hands on his hips.

“Magic medallion? Body swapping? Have you gone crazy, Conner?” He asked her, “And I certainly haven’t seen any pink bag. Perhaps you need some rest. You clearly aren’t feeling well.”

Of course, Conner knew exactly what she was talking about. He knew what happened to the pink bag and the medallion. If he recalled correctly, it was in a dumpster on 8th Street.

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  1. Too funny - a little misdirection and now the new Francine can claim to have no idea what Conner is talking about.