Friday, April 19, 2013

7 days (Part 7)

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Dwight arrived the following day with the same aura of impatience he had the day before. At least this time he had something to look forward to; he was getting his first payment for this crazy experiment! He had showed up with his hands on his hips, expecting the money right away, but the scientists explained they would have to run through their daily examination and questioning first. Dwight sighed; it was the same boring stuff. However, even though he could barely pay attention to all the science stuff, he still remembered that just days ago, he would have found it all so fascinating. He casually mentioned it, and the researchers scribbled frantic notes. They asked him if he thought he could turn that memory into actual feeling. He was a little confused at what that meant. It seemed way too complicated.


  1. Hot CAP I love this series! I really like the way you're causing his mind to change to match the new body!


  2. I like! - Mental changes like this in caps are hard to come by!