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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Family matters (Part 1)

Ed had found the strange binder of papers on his doorstep. He had been obsessed with them all day, despite a outing he had planned with his father, two brothers, and his girlfriend. They all begged him to put them down, but he refused. Instead, he started to describe the weird language inside, and started to attempt to read from it. A moment later, everyone felt strange. Ed realized he was no longer holding the papers in his hand, and that he was now inside the body of his own father! He began to panic, but his own voice attempted to calm him down. It was his girlfriend, Alexa, inside of Ed’s body. Ed’s grandfather was now in the body of one of Ed’s brothers, Nick. Nick was in the body of Ed’s other brother, Aaron. Finally, Aaron found himself in the body of Alexa. The words on the sheet must have been some sort of body swapping spell, and they each found themselves in the body of the person to their right. Alexa tried to read the page again, but nothing happened. Maybe she wasn’t doing it right. Ed began to panic. Ed’s grandfather took the situation quite well; he didn’t mind being in a young body for a time. Aaron was downright pissed. He started screaming how he didn’t want to be in Alexa’s slutty body. Alexa shouted back in anger. How dare he call her slutty! The whole family soon erupted into a massive argument.


  1. Aaron should consider himself lucky being swapped into Alexa's sexy body ;)

  2. Good start, PLS continue. Typical family - argue instead of trying to solve the problem