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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Escape Plan

It had two long years since Doug had been ambushed by two men while on vacation and dragged into a vacant building. He was blindfolded, but he could feel the men strap him into something right before he was hit with a jolt of electricity. He awoke several hours later, still tied up, but he could still feel the difference in his body -- it was no longer his own, but a gorgeous woman’s instead. The men returned to explain the situation. Doug would be working for them now. If he worked hard enough, he might earn the ability to be swapped into a male body or even enough to be let go. Doug protested at first, but he soon realized he had no choice. He did whatever they requested and he did it with a smile, but nothing ever seemed to get him any closer to being swapped out of this body. It was on that two year anniversary when the men requested he be a flight attendant for one of their clients on a private jet. Doug realized the opportunity. When it landed, he could make a break for it. He’d be stuck in this body, but he would no longer be bound to those men. He gave the client an extra big smile as he formulated the escape plan in his mind.

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