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Monday, February 10, 2014


Xavier had originally gone to southeast Asia as part of a humanitarian aid mission shortly after a hurricane. It was hard for him to be without many of the comforts of home but even harder to see the devastation. He found it difficult to even fathom the level of suffering. On his final day, he was a little relieved to be going home, but one woman from the village he had helped was apparently a little more than jealous. She used some strange ancient magic to steal his body. It was tough for Xavier to live her life, much of what she owned had been destroyed by the hurricane. One of the few joys Xavier found was when he was able to get his hands on some comforts from home -- even little things like cookies or snacks seemed like a big deal to him now. He never realized how good he had it before he found himself trapped in this woman’s body and her life!

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