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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

If I Was a Rich Girl (Part 2)

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Luke couldn’t contain his excitement as he let forth a squeal of delight. He couldn’t help but think the noise was odd -- then he realize that, of course, he now had Erin’s nasal voice. It was going to be one of the many things he’d have to get used to. Of course, with Erin’s near limitless funds at his disposal, he was sure he could get used to just about anything. He thought about what he wanted first and decided on a manicure and pedicure. He caught himself. He’d never gotten those things before in his life. But, he assumed, they were things Erin probably got quite regularly. Then the sinking reality set in -- there might be more to this swap than a simple switching of bodies. Was he going to become more and more like Erin? He shuddered at the thought.

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