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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Not Taking the Chance

“I don’t know why you are wearing that thing. The ads are bogus. Those masks do nothing to keep out the transformation virus,” John told his friend Katie.

“I haven’t caught it yet! And I don’t intend to catch it anytime soon.”

“About 90% of the world has caught it by this point. Scientists have said most of the risk has passed. I’ve caught it. I didn’t mind my transformation.”

“Yeah, you changed from a guy to a girl. I’ve heard much worse stories. Besides, I like being a girl! If I caught the same strain as you had, what if I switched genders? I don’t want to be a guy!”

“Being a guy was not so bad.”

“Would you go back?”


“Then I think I’ve made my point.”

“I’m just saying the mask doesn’t do any good. You’ve been out all the time and haven’t caught it yet. Maybe you’re just one of the few who are immune.”

“I’m NOT taking that chance!”

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