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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lose Track

Just how, exactly, does one lose track of where their own body is? For that matter, how does one end up in someone else’s body in order to be able to lose their own body in the first place? These were questions that Ethan was asking himself as he retraced his steps. He didn’t even notice that he was in the wrong body until he got home to reach into his pocket for his keys only to discover that his pockets were empty -- and the pants they were on were far tighter than he was used to and on a far more feminine frame than he was used to. He had swapped bodies with a woman -- but how and when!? He thought back. He knew he had his phone in the park earlier, he had used it to take a picture before putting it back in a pocket. He quickly returned to the park nearby, but there was no sign of his own body. Where the heck could it have gone?

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