Saturday, November 7, 2015


Mack had been working on the radiator when a strange spark grew into a large charge, bolting through the apartment complex, and resulted in him swapping bodies with his downstairs neighbor. Every since that moment, he had been waiting by the radiator, hoping that the strange incident that swapped his body with hers would happen again. He had been sitting there all weekend, he only left to eat, sleep, or use the bathroom. He knew if this didn’t reverse itself, he’d have a hard to explain this at work on Monday.

Friday, November 6, 2015

They Both Did

“Oh, no!” Ted screamed, “She didn’t!”

“They both did!” Martin added.

“Tina swapped bodies with you?” Ted asked.

“And Nancy with you?”

The two boys were furious that their girlfriends had stolen their bodies...and right before the big game. They didn’t know what the two girls were up to, but they were sure the whole body swapping was thanks to that weird goth girl they had seen the girls with lately...

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hot Dog

Ever since the Great Shift, Henry couldn’t shake Kelly. Since he had her body, she insisted that he eat what she wanted him to eat, that he do the things she wanted him to do. For a while, he could deal with, but after a while, he just wanted to go home and watch TV instead of going to the gym or grab a slice of pizza instead of a salad. She never let him. After about a week, he finally had enough. He snuck off and grabbed a hot dog. Sinking behind the cart, he was sure she was nowhere around. However, just as he was about to take a bite, Kelly came around the other side.

“Don’t you dare!” She threatened.

Henry sighed before tossing the hot dog in the garbage. He really couldn’t catch a break.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Ten years ago, Neil had been exploring around an abandoned building when his soul was sucked right out of his body. For a while, he was trapped, waiting to wander in. It took years before a young woman wearing a bikini stumbled in. He didn’t want to possess her, but he had already been stuck for so long, he didn’t really have much choice. After his soul entered her, he took control. He could only guess he pushed her soul out, that she was the one now trapped in the old building. He wasn’t comfortable being a woman, but he was happy to no longer be a floating soul, stuck in this one spot. He was free.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Deep Breath In

Jeff took a deep breath in; he was nervous. He had been to Exchange Island before, but this was his first time swapping bodies with a woman. After swapping, he went up to his room to change into a swimsuit in order to visit the beach. He felt weird undressing, and he didn’t feel much better when he put on the swimsuit. He still felt sort of naked. Maybe he was just so unfamiliar with having large breasts or bare legs. He sighed. He guessed he would have to get used to it; he was going to be spending the next week in this body.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Changing the Plan

Kevin opened the door to the courtyard of the hotel. He kept the reservation for his honeymoon after the Great Shift, despite the fact that he had called off the wedding. He was surprised to see his friend, Matt, standing there in a wedding dress. Matt smiled.

“What are you doing here?” Kevin asked.

“Well, I know you were having trouble with Pam being in my body after the Shift.” Matt stated, “There was no way you felt like you could marry her now that you are both in men’s bodies. Well, I figured since I now have Pam’s body...I mean, would it be a terrible idea? You are still attracted to this body, and we always had a good time together as friends. Maybe we could make this work.”

Kevin nearly burst into tears. He knew it was Matt inside that body, but it sure looked like Pam. And what Matt was saying made sense, and he looked so beautiful...

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Not Our Problem

Greg and Donald were in China for a business trip. After a busy day, the two hit up the nightlife. At various bars, they flashed their money around and got very drunk. Two beautiful women took note of the rich, foreign businessmen. Neither Greg nor Donald could object as the two women fawned attention on them. As the night went on, the two women continued to flirt, leading Greg and Donald to a square where they kissed. As the kiss broke, Greg and Donald suddenly felt very different. For starters, they both instantly were sober. Greg put his hand to his face, feeling smooth skin instead of his stubble. At the same time, Donald moved his arm over his chest to cover the uncomfortable feeling of breasts that he now had. Both were shocked as they watched their former bodies stumble away. These two women had stolen their bodies, and there didn’t seem to be anything either of them could do about it.

After about an hour, Greg finally spoke up, “The joke’s on them, I suppose.”

“Yeah, the company is going to go so on ‘us’ when they see how much money we wasted on this trip without anything to show for it. We might even get fired,” Donald laughed.

“Not our problem anymore.”

“Nope, not at all. Not at all...”