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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Back to Normal

Maybe the weirdest thing about the Great Shift was how quickly things got back to normal; at least that’s how it seemed to Jason. It had only been a week since the Shift, and he was already going back to work. He expected the City to be in chaos, but the subway seemed as crowded as usual; the place where he grabbed his coffee was as busy as ever; and people were out on the streets. Heck, if he didn’t know better, he’d swear he was the only one who swapped bodies as a result of the Shift.

Of course, he realized probably anyone looking at him would feel the same way. They’d probably just assume he was a normal woman on her way to work. He laughed to himself as he thought about that; he was a woman now! How crazy is that?

He was pretty thankful that he could get away with wearing jeans to his office. His job had always pretty much let people wear whatever they wanted. He couldn’t imagine if he worked in a place where women had to wear heels and skirts; he just wasn’t ready to wear stuff like that! Not in public anyway. Right after the Shift, he tried a few times at home. He had felt a little silly. He wondered how women did that. His wife had tried to talk him into it, but he said ‘no way.’

The one thing she did talk him into was a little bit of makeup. She did let him borrow clothes that actually fit his new body, so he guessed he could do a little of what she asked.

His thoughts came to a grinding halt as he stood outside the glass doors of his office. He took a deep breath, ready to restart his normal routine again.

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