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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Flight (Part 1)

Chris knew that he should probably consider himself pretty lucky. He imagined many people in planes didn’t survive the shift after pilots swapped bodies with passengers. On the plane Chris was on, one of the pilots simply didn’t swap with anyone and was able to bring it down for an emergency landing. Chris, however, swapped with one of the flight attendants. The mass swapping due to the Great Shift meant that planes would be grounded for a few days. Everyone from the flight would be staying at a hotel nearby the airport. Most of the passengers would have the baggage of the people they swapped with, but Chris only had the small day bag the flight attendant had brought. It only contained a few toiletries, some makeup, and another uniform. Chris felt pretty silly wearing the outfit, but he just didn’t have anything to change into. He thought about maybe asking another person from the flight, but he wasn’t comfortable enough to leave the room. He looked in a mirror, still marveled by the fact that he was someone else now.

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