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Saturday, January 2, 2016


It seemed innocent enough when Michael was invited over by his neighbor. He actually thought it was quite refreshing. The old man had lived next door to him for five years, and he seemed secluded. He hadn’t seen him out once since the day he moved in. Upon entering the living room, Michael saw two odd chambers. One was closed, the other was empty. When his neighbor offered him a seat, he didn’t seem to have much choice. As he sat down, the chamber closed. There was a flash of light and smoke. It all cleared rather quickly. At first, Michael didn’t notice anything was wrong. It wasn’t until he asked what had happened when he noticed something off about his voice. It was higher pitched than normal. He looked over to the other chamber, which was now open, and he saw his own body sitting inside. Then he looked down. He recognized her; she lived on the other side of the old man. This guy must have invented some sort of body switching device, and without any friends to test it on, he used his two neighbors! This was freaky!

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