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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Minimum Fare

Alex hailed a cab and jumped into the back, but taking one look at the driver and a curse slipped from his lips. He recognized the guy behind the wheel. It had been his body a few weeks ago, after a previous ride in this same cab had caused him to swap into it. He had driven various passengers around until Melissa got into the back of his cab. He used the magic of the taxi to steal her body without hesitation upon her exit. He had never expected to see that cab ever again, but here he was. However, thanks to his previous time in the magic taxi, he knew the rules. He looked at the meter and screamed, “Let me out! NOW!” The cabbie seemed surprised. Alex reached up to the front seat and grabbed his throat, “I SAID NOW!” Alex left the cab thankful the meter was still a few cents shy of the minimum required to swap. There was no way Alex was going to lose this body.

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