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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Force (Part 2)

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As weird as it was for a woman to stand next to him at the urinals, it was about to get even weirder for Dan after he washed his hands and left the bathroom. The body swapping force was still out there, and this time Dan was sucked up into the swapping. Dan didn’t notice the swap at first either. However, he wasn’t nearly as embarrassed when he found out. It was when he went to his car, and he realized he didn’t have his keys in his pocket. And, in fact, he no longer had his pockets either. He had the pockets of the woman in the jean shorts he had seen at the urinals. He went back inside and sat down, not really knowing what to do. It all began to make sense to him. Some guy must have swapped bodies with this woman before he saw her, and now he swapped with her not too long after. He was a woman, all be it a gorgeous woman, but a woman nonetheless.

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