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Sunday, January 3, 2016


The young woman stood in the corner of the arcade. For about a month, no one ever questioned her as she came in at opening, played, and stayed until closing time. She was good, too; barely ever putting in more than a few dollars into the machine each day. But one day, Mitch got curious. He’d never seen another pretty girl in the arcade, and he actualy sort of wondered if he had a chance with her. He was cautious as he approached.

“Excuse me,” He asked.

“Leave me alone; I’m so close,” She snapped back with a voice that shocked Mitch. It wasn’t a voice he expected. It was more masculine. In fact, he could’ve sworn it was a man’s voice.
Then he watched as she lost her last life, coming just shy of the high score.

“Damn it,” She said, “If I ever hope to get my body back, I need to get the high score. I was so close until you came and broke my concentration.”

Mitch just looked dumbfounded.

“The game’s magic,” She continued, “You get the high score, and you end up swapping bodies with the person who got the high score before you. I ended up with this woman’s body a month ago. I guess she had the high score before me, and she was happy with whatever body she got. If I can break my record, my body is still stored in here, and I can get it back. Now just leave me alone.”

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