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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


When Alan awoke, the first thing he noticed was the taste of lipstick on his lips. At first he wondered how much he had drunk the night before and who he had ended up making out with. However, he soon realized he hadn’t kissed anyone the night before; it was he who was wearing the lipstick for some reason. And as some long hair fell onto his shoulders as he sat up, the full horror of what had happened to him began to sink in; he had swapped bodies with his own mother! Instead of being a 25 year old guy, he was now a 45 year old woman! He had to consider that maybe she was responsible. She had dropped out of college and married his father after she became pregnant with him. It had been a tough life of scrimping and saving until he finally went away to college. Alan had become successful almost immediately. Sure, he didn’t call his mom enough, but he always sent her plenty of cash. Plus, she loved him. She couldn’t possibly do this to him; she couldn’t possibly be jealous enough to steal his life from him, right?

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