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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Witch (Part 1)

Sometimes having a girlfriend who is also a witch is pretty cool; other times, not so much. Robert had wished Angela had prepared better before casting her latest, a body swap spell. Robert was sure she did something wrong when he found himself next door inside the body of their neighbor, Michelle. Robert felt very uncomfortable, especially given how she often dressed in very revealing clothing. He rushed back to his own home to find Angela standing over his unconscious body. She explained she cast another spell to subdue Michelle, but she was out of ingredients to cast another body swap spell. Robert groaned. He knew what she was asking of him. Angela gave him instructions to find the berries that she needed. Robert couldn’t believe he was going to go out like this. But he took the car to the park, got out and made his way down the path where he could find the berries. Walking in heels was no easy feat, but it seemed to get easier the more he did it.

1 comment:

  1. LOL Good storuy & use of pic. I wonder if anything else is going on & if Michelle will get away or soemthing in his former body?