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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Witch (Part 3)

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After he collected the berries and began to walk back, Robert felt a sudden chill. The shock caused him to drop the berries. He had picked the tree clean, so his only hope was to collect what he had dropped. As he looked down to the ground for the fallen berries, he couldn’t help but admire Michelle’s body.

“I can see why she wears these heels,” He thought, “They make her legs look good...No, they make MY legs look good.”

He smirked a little thinking about it. He was suddenly feeling a strange sense of pride about this body. When he crushed one of the berries beneath his heel by accident, he smirked again. He crushed another one; this time on purpose. He was starting to think that he liked this body; he liked feeling sexy. He was about to crush another berry, but he paused. Maybe this was one of the reasons his girlfriend had warned him about there not being enough time. Maybe it was all part of the spell. Maybe the longer he spent in Michelle’s body, the more he would like it. Would that be such a bad thing? After all, he had only just started enjoying this body, and he was already loving it. How much would he love it if he had it for a few hours? Or a month? Or forever?

Just before crushing another berry, he paused. Just because he liked it, did that mean he wanted to eliminate even the slightest possibility of being able to swap back. He should probably save at least one...just in case...

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  1. LOL! good story & pic I wonder if right now SHE'S LIKING his body