Saturday, January 23, 2016


Mischa had given Gerald a small paper cup containing a thick brown liquid. He looked at it, knowing that it contained the potion that would swap them both back to their rightful bodies. He looked at it, and swirled it around in the cup. He watched as Mischa downed the portion she had set aside in her own cup. He gave another look at the liquid, and then another look back to Mischa, who was staring at him. He lifted the cup, but missed his mouth intentionally, letting the liquid poor down the front of his body. He didn’t want to give this body up. It was pretty obvious that he was intentionally missing his mouth, but he didn’t care. With no more potion, there’s be no way to swap back, and he’d have Mischa’s body forever. He could see his former eyes fill with rage as the liquid poured down his body onto the floor.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Getting a Kick Out of It

Before the Great Shift, Eric had been the star of the university’s soccer team. He wasn’t going to let the fact that he had a new body now stop him from anything. A mere hour after being swapped, he was back on the field practicing. The hardest part to adjust for was the fact that he was now so much shorter, especially his legs. He needed to reevaluate where he needed to kick just to make contact with the ball. He was sure that he could get the hang of it again; all he needed was more practice. He also knew that in the future, he’d have to do something about what he wore. He had rushed over to the field, so he hadn’t even bothered to change, but he could certainly tell that a skirt was not the right thing to wear for any sort of physical activity, and he’d also require a sports bra to deal with the way his chest would jiggle as he ran.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Looking on the Bright Side

“Can’t you at least TRY to have some fun?” Elana pleaded with her husband as she grabbed his hand and dragged him along the beach of Exchange Island, “I know you didn’t expect to end up in a woman’s body on our trip here, but you have to admit that you knew it was a possibility. Maybe after our vacation is over, you’ll have a better appreciation of me and women in general. Besides, you’ve at least got to confess that body you ended up with is incredibly cute. Heck, we both lucked out. I don’t mind being in a thinner body for this trip one bit.”

Rick began to smile. Maybe his wife was right. Maybe spending some time in a woman’s body wouldn’t be all that bad. He just had to look on the bright side of things.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

All About that Booty

As if switching bodies with Carol last week wasn’t weird enough. Now, he swore that his butt was getting bigger by the day. It didn’t seem to matter how much he exercised or how well he ate. When he first noticed it, he thought it was his imagination. However, when the tight jeans he slipped into easily at the beginning of the week could no longer fit over it, he knew it wasn’t just in his mind. Luckily, Carol ha an ample supply of stretchy yoga pants that still fit. Still, he hoped that it didn’t get much worse.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Flight (Part 4)

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When Chris awoke the next day, he heard a noise that got him excited. He jumped out of bed, put on his shoes, and went to the window. He couldn’t believe it; there was a plane taking off. Thank goodness! He knew it would be a while before all the flight routes could be sorted out again, especially with a smaller fleet. And, of course, they would have to make plans to sort out where everyone was going. But planes flying again was still a good sign that he’d be out of here very soon. He’d be able to go home and sort out his new life with this body. He could go out and buy some new clothes and stop cycling through these two uniforms and one other skimpy outfit. He wasn’t sure if anything was going to be normal again, but this was certainly the first step in trying.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Flight (Part 3)

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Ultimately, Chris decided to ask around for people who might be willing to lend or give him something else to wear. People were a bit less generous than he expected. He figured he shouldn’t be surprised. No one knew how long they’d be stuck, and they probably only had about a week’s worth of clothes with them at most. One woman did give him something. She confessed that she too used to be a man, and it was something she found that she just wasn’t comfortable wearing. Chris was pretty thankful to have a third set of clothing, but a little less thankful when he tried it on back in his room. As sexy as the uniforms were, this was worse. He decided he’d wear this outfit only when washing the uniforms.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Flight (Part 2)

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The day after the Shift didn’t bring any good news. Planes were still grounded, and Chris changed into the other uniform. He knew he’d have to leave the hotel room today -- either to go and use the laundry machine down the hall or ask around for other outfits. He tried to get into a better mood by forcing a smile; he didn’t exactly feel like smiling. He went to the window to look outside; it was strangely quiet. With all the planes grounded, the usually busy noises of being at a hotel by the airport were eerily silent. There were no people bustling outside, and only the occasional car passed by the usually busy road by the hotel. It was a strange new world, and Chris wondered how long it would take to get back to normal. Part of him felt like he would never be normal.