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Saturday, February 10, 2018


Kevin felt like a prisoner inside of his own head...except it wasn’t even his own head. He had woken up several months ago in a bed and he couldn’t move. He knew something was wrong and even as he lay motionless he could tell what it was -- he was now in a woman’s body! Things got even stranger when he heard an announcement to stand up, which his body immediately obeyed. In fact, except for things like breathing, his body couldn’t seem to do anything other than what was commanded of it. Kevin had no control; he could only feel the experiences.

Over the next few months, Kevin’s body was instructed about being female, how to sit up straight and cross his legs. He was told what to wear, how to do his hair and makeup, and he obeyed it all perfectly -- even when it hurt. Inside his head, he could only question why. Why would anyone do this to him? Why would anyone need to? Why did he have to be along for any of this? He wanted nothing more than to cry, but he couldn’t because his body could’ve only done so if it had been commanded to..