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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Common Technology

When his wife first bought the odd device, Thomas was a little nervous. A few weeks later when she actually wanted to use it, he was even more worried. He reluctantly agreed, put a part of the device on his head, and sat across the room for his wife, who put a similar part on her own head.

It took a few minutes before Thomas realized he was now, in fact, looking at the other side of the room and was staring into his own eyes. It had worked exactly as advertised, and now he and his wife were in each other’s bodies.

“How long do we have to stay like this?” Thomas groaned while trying to hide his displeasure with an awkward smile.

“Just a few days,” His wife replied, “I bought it so you could learn just how hard it is to be a woman.”

“Brain switchers are pretty common technology these days. I doubt the guys are the office are going to even flinch at the fact that I’m going to be a woman for a few days.”

“You might be surprised. Some guys just can’t help it.” “I’m already regretting this...”

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