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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Uneventful (Part 2)

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It took him about an hour, but Ralph was glad to make it back to his truck. It was a lot more difficult than he had anticipated to walk in heels, and his feet were killing him. On the way over, he talked with a lot of people who had also swapped bodies. Whatever happened, it seemed he wasn’t the only one experiencing this strange phenomenon.

He decided that given the circumstances, he could forgo the rest of his route today, and just take the truck back to the post office. However, whoever swapped into his body seemed to have locked it up tight and taken the keys! Unable to get into the driver’s seat, Ralph sat on the back bumper, not quite sure what his next steps would be. He certainly didn’t want to walk around more, and he didn’t want to abandon his truck either! For the time being, he just decided to wait, hoping the person who swapped into his body would return.

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