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Tuesday, February 6, 2018


“Oh, Carl,” Mei gushed, “You look so beautiful.”

“No, Mei,” Carl corrected her, “YOU look beautiful. This is still your body. It’s just because of the Great Shift that I ended up in it.”

“Thank you for doing this for me, and thank you for asking me backstage with you.”

“I know it was your dream before the Shift to walk in a runway show. When that guy in the mall asked me if I was interested in doing just that, I had to say yes. I had to say yes for you. Honestly, the whole process has made me very uncomfortable -- the dress, the hair, the makeup -- I’m really not enjoying any of it except your smile.”

Carl looked over to his wife Mei. He was happy to see her smiling again. She had been pretty bummed out when the Great Shift swapped her into a body several decades older while Carl ended up swapping into her body. He was doing his best to try to make her happy -- to allow her to live vicariously through him. It wasn’t easy. He hated looking all girlie and fashion and whatnot, but he knew dolling himself up made Mei happy. He knew going through with modeling in this fashion show would also make her happy. So he did it; he did it all. Just to make her happy.

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