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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Confirmed Misplacement

Evan waited patiently as he looked at his phone while waiting for a call or a text from Exchange Island’s main desk. Apparently, it was becoming increasingly common for a guest to not swap back to their own body by the end of their vacation. When he was boarding his flight off the island, he had been told not to worry as it was just as common for people to swap in transit as it was for them to swap right after checking out. His concern grew after he landed. He was now waiting for his connecting flight back home, and he was still stuck in the body of the woman he had been in for the past two weeks.

The resort’s customer service line was supposed to send him a message with a few details, such as where his body was, if it had been misplaced, and his ETA for returning to it. He honestly didn’t mind keeping this body a little longer. He had enjoyed his time in it while on the island, but he also had to go back to work on Monday. If he showed up like this, he wasn’t sure how he was going to explain it. Exchange Island was a pretty well kept secret, and even people who he had told didn’t believe him. For now he could only wait...

And that’s when he got the text: “Location of body: unknown. Confirmed misplacement. ETA for return: 3 months.” Evan sighed. Work was not going to be easy on Monday.

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