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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Guard Duty

Adam had been assigned late night guard duty at the base all week. For the most part, it had been pretty calm. It wasn’t until his final night of duty that he saw something headed for the base. Before he could react in any way, there was a flash of light followed by darkness. A few moments later, he heard classical music. Then he opened his eyes to find himself at a fancy party. His jaw dropped when he looked down and saw a dress; he was a woman!

A woman in a green dress approached him quickly. “Calm down, Adam,” She whispered to him, “Allow me to explain. It’s me; it’s Chris. We were on guard together, and they attacked the base, but I saved us.”

“B-b-but, we’re women now! How?”

“I know a little magic. The attack was so fast; I didn’t have time to be picky. I just used a body swap spell to get us as far away from there as possible. I had no idea where we’d end up or who we’d end up being.”

“But the base -- ?”

“Everyone is dead. They got the drop on us. Everyone except for us...”

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