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Thursday, February 15, 2018


Luke wasn’t sure how his sister Jennifer had even swapped their bodies in the first place, but he was growing impatient. After the initial swap, she refused to swap back with him unless he attended her final semester of classes for her. Then he had take her final college exams. Finally, she told him that she wouldn’t swap back until she got the grades back to ensure he did a good job. But now it was late June and he was still stuck in her body. Enough was enough!

He approached her with a look of frustration, folded his arms, and demanded to have her swap back now. Jennifer looked nervous for a moment before she finally confessed that she didn’t have a way to swap back, the spell was good for one use only. She hadn’t realized it at the time, but she messed up! They were stuck!

Luke was annoyed. He wanted to be angrier. All he had thought about as long as he was her was about getting back to his own body. However, now with that possibility gone, he began to reflect more on his time as her, and he realized that he actually enjoyed it! He may have been annoyed, but he couldn’t stay too mad!

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