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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Older (Part 1)

Brandon walked home from school just as he did every day. Except unlike every other day, today had been the day of the Great Shift. While most of the rest of his class swapped with other students in the school, Brandon ended up swapping with one of his teachers, Ms. Huang.

Ever since he turned 18 last month, he had wished his mom and dad would treat him like an adult instead of a kid. He sighed as he stood outside. He figured even now that he was inside of a woman’s body more than twice his age, they’d still treat him the same way.

And he could only imagine how bad the other kids were going to make fun of him once he went back to school. He heard a few of his classmates complain about swapping into the bodies of freshman, but he couldn’t imagine anything worse than swapping with a teacher!

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