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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Grand Scheme

Juan didn’t quite know how to react. He had a crush on Jessica for as long as he could remember. Finding out her boyfriend had just dumped her was a dream come true. Unfortunately, the only reason he knew this was because she was currently a crying mess on his shoulder. Well, it was actually even more complicated, since Juan had swapped bodies with Jessica’s best friend, Kiki about an hour ago. He tried to think of a plan to work this to his advantage.

Since Jessica thought he was Kiki, he knew he’d have to act sympathetic and help her get over it. At the same time, he couldn’t really empathize, because he had the goal of trying to now convince her to go into his arms. But if he pushed her to do that too much too soon, Kiki would still be the one in his body and she’d undoubtedly screw it up for him. Maybe for now he’d just enjoy being close to Jessica and figure out the grand scheme a little later...


  1. Nice caption! Juan's dilemma is entirely understandable, since he needs to figure out the best way to approach this situation while getting used to his new role as Kiki....