Saturday, April 13, 2019

Paris (Part 2)

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Doreen didn’t know what she was missing! The streets of Paris were alive, despite the Great Shift, and Leo was having a fabulous time. At times, he forgot that he was now a beautiful young woman, and at other times he embraced his new body fully. Was he having a wonderful time because Paris was a wonderful city, or was it because he was experiencing it with a wonderful new body? Did it matter? As the hours past, he even stopped thinking about his wife back at the hotel. He was just having too good a time!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Paris (Part 1)

Leo and Doreen only had one week of vacation each year, and this time they decided to spend it in Paris. Of course, neither could’ve expected the Great Shift to strike moments after landing with the couple now finding themselves in completely different bodies. Doreen was crushed; she wanted nothing more than to stay in their hotel room and cry. Leo, on the other hand, decided that being a woman wasn’t a reason to stay cooped up in a room all week. This was their only vacation! How could his wife not enjoy it!? So he went out without her, exploring the streets on his own with his new body...

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Day Late

The curse was supposed to only last a single day. This was something Matt thought he could handle. And so he did. Spending a day as Catherine wasn’t too bad; though being a woman was certainly something he didn’t want to be stuck as. However, the next morning he woke up, he found he was still in her body. He screamed. He yelled. It was supposed to be over; why was he still stuck as Catherine? He didn’t want it to last a moment more, but yet he was still her, even after the curse should’ve been over. What was going on?

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Witness Protection

Marvin mumbled under his breath as he typed the address of his new job into the GPS. After testifying against the mob, he had been promised a new life where no one would ever recognize him, but he never expected anything like this! In order to protect his identity, he underwent an experimental procedure that rewrote his DNA. When he ended up as a woman, he was shocked but he was also sure it was true that no one would ever recognize him. He never dressed in a feminine manner, opting for sneakers and sweatsuits instead. Despite starting a new job, today would be no exception. And, in fact, most things about being a woman annoyed him. Sometimes he wondered if the mob had someone on the inside and had arranged this procedure to torture him. Of course, if that was true, he’d still technically be in danger, wouldn’t he? No matter how safe everyone told him he was, he’d still be spending the rest of his life looking behind his back.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


When he first found the Medallion of Zulu, Lucas was elated. He could use the odd trinket to turn himself into anyone, which he did quite frequently by plucking a random piece of clothing from the dryers at the local laundromat. But when he was out in a borrowed body one day, an electrical fire destroyed his apartment. Luckily, he had the medallion with him at the time, but all his clothes had been burnt away in the fire. He had no way to get back to normal. Worse still was that he had no access to his money. He got resourceful.

It all started with the technique he had perfected back when he was simply experimenting with being random people. He’d pluck some clothes from a dryer at a laundromat. He’d transform himself using the clothes and spend twelve hours or so in their body. After which, he was often quite tired and hungry, but then he’d repeat the process. He’d go into another laundromat, steal some more clothes, and transform himself again. The fortunate result was that he’d be no more tired or hungry than this new body had been when they took off the clothes. As a result, he never needed to eat or sleep; each swap would rejuvenate him; and he had been young and old, male and female; every single race you could imagine.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Dead End Job

Once the Great Shift swapped Chuck into the body of a woman, he thought things were going to be miserable. However, they quickly turned out better than expected. When his dead-end job at the local fast food restaurant reopened, he soon found that no one bugged him about following the dress code any more; he figured it didn’t hurt when he arrived showing a little skin. He’d often slack off and eat burgers and shakes all the time. His manager used to bug him to get back to work and dock his pay for the food he ate; now that food was free and the manager just stared. But the weirdest and best part? The tips! Suddenly customers were just giving him tips; this was particularly weird since it was the kind of place where employees didn’t really get tips. Chuck was really now thinking the Great Shift was the best thing that could’ve possibly happened to him...

Sunday, April 7, 2019


Jason still wasn’t quite used to the sound of his heels clicking as he walked. As he entered the locker room, he expected someone to call him out to tell him he wasn’t supposed to be there. But the spell had swapped his mind into Lei’s body while his own lay lifeless in his bed. This was his chance to see women in all sorts of undress. However, while he was nervous about getting caught, he soon learned his body wasn’t reacting to the excitement as he expected. The spell had almost worked TOO well. Because he had Lei’s body, he also had her hormones. Jason realized that since he was now in the body of a straight woman, he WAS a straight woman.