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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Saturday (Part 1)

At this point, Eric figured he should be used to strange things happening in his neighborhood. An eccentric scientist had moved in last year, and his experiments were often bonkers. One time, he made half the houses on the block disappear. Then there was the time everyone became elderly for an afternoon.

And this Saturday, he noticed his neighbor, Mrs. Nakamoro on his lawn. She seemed to be fooling around and playing some sort of game while wearing a bikini. Eric approached her and she pulled out what looked to be a toy gun. Eric tried to ask serious questions, but it seemed she just wanted to be silly. As he turned to go back inside, he expected the gun to fire some water of bubbles at him. Instead it stung with an odd tingle. He seemed to go lifeless for a moment.

The next thing he knew, he saw his own body running down the street with the toy gun. He was shocked to realize that he now had Mrs. Nakamoro’s body!

Monday, April 29, 2019

Border Crossing

Luis had saved up money by doing dangerous odd jobs for criminals and had some relatives abroad send him some cash. He needed the money to pay someone who offered to help smuggle him across the border. He was afraid to hand it over to the large, surly man. The man simply looked at it before leading Luis into a moldy basement with a machine attached to a rickety chair. An older man sat by the chair near a control panel. The older man strapped Luis in and explained they now just needed to wait for someone to sit in the other chair situated a few miles north of the border. Once someone did, he would hit a switch and swap Luis’s brain into that body. Not only would Luis be across the border, but he’d also be in the body of a citizen and unable to be deported.

Luis had a lot of questions. Why would anyone up there voluntarily sit in a chair that would stick them in his body? The old man explained the chair was disguised well; the person wouldn’t even know they were sitting in such a chair until it was too late. Just as Luis began to doubt stealing someone else’s body and damning them to his own poor, difficult life, a light on the old man’s console started flashing.

The next thing Luis knew, he noticed the smell of flowers instead of mold. The sun was shining on him instead of a dim bulb. And to top it all off, he was in the body of a woman! The other side of the machine had been disguised as a hair dryer in a beauty salon. It certainly made sense, but it was still difficult for Luis to gather himself. He had made it across the border safely; he’d certainly never be detected in this body, but it was the body of a woman!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Melinda (Part 2)

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Stacy was a feeling a little disgusted by how Martin and Melinda seemed to be acting. They were silly, acting quite a bit like a stereotypical giggly girl. Eventually, Stacy excused herself to the bathroom just to take a break.

“Is there a reason you tried to play me off as the real Melinda,” Vincent asked Martin.

“You know Stacy. She was probably worried enough about me. If I tell her how I swapped half a dozen or so people, she’d freak. Not to mention I’m still trying to figure out how to tell her I lost the thing.”

“What exactly is the plan if they don’t find it? I mean, how can we explain half a dozen Melindas running around?”

Martin shrugged. He hadn’t really thought this fully out.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Melinda (Part 1)

Stacy had been a little reluctant to lend the Medallion of Zulu to Martin. Heck, she had felt foolish for showing him the thing in the first place. Eventually, she relented and allowed him to use it for two days, agreeing to meet up with him at a restaurant at that time to get it back.

Arriving at the agreed upon time and place Stacy sat and waited until two identical women showed up at her table. Stacy did a face palm, knowing Martin must’ve screwed up.

“Hey Stacy,” He explained, “I just need the medallion for two more hours. I turned myself into a copy of Melinda here, and the time’s not up yet. Is that cool?”

Stacy groaned. This was par for the course for Martin.

Friday, April 26, 2019


Simon wasn’t happy about switching bodies with Claire, but he was told it would only be for a few days while the researchers worked to repair the machine that caused the swap in the first place. Getting dressed in the pajamas she had left for him and getting to bed was easy, but looking at the outfits she left for him to wear for the daytime puzzled him. It wasn’t the stuff like bras either. It was just that everything seemed so tight! He picked up a pair of pants she had given him that seemed to be half her size. They were stretchy, but he was sure there was a good chance of breaking the seams. If he did manage to squeeze himself into them, they were going to be very tight and leaving little to the imagination. He couldn’t believe he was even going to attempt putting them on, but it was not like he had much of a choice.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Everything Zen

Harvey returned to the secluded location after his first discovered it a year ago. It was when he first visited this spot months ago that he felt a moment of total zen or pure enlightenment when his body began to spontaneously transform. He became a woman, and he didn’t question it as he spent time with a foreign body. It felt very right for most of the time, but that had changed recently. And that’s why he returned. He figured the same phenomenon that transformed him in the first place would return him to normal if he came back. But as he stood there breathing in deeply, he started to doubt this. He stood longer, but nothing was happening. Was he doomed to stay in this body forever?

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Jeremy and his two best friends would often head off to the park to sneak in a few cigarettes. Even though they had all recently turned eighteen, they still wanted to hide their habit from their parents. It seemed one day they decided to do this a little too close to the playground area where a young mother was his her two toddlers. She noticed the three teens and began yelling at them, telling them to put out their cigarettes or she’d call the police.

Jeremy wanted to yell right back, but he never got the chance. A flash of light suddenly engulfed them all. When the light cleared from his vision, he realized something terrible -- he had swapped bodies with the young mother! Silently freaking out, he walked unsteadily on unfamiliar heels until he sat on a piece of playground equipment.

As bad as he felt he had things, he quickly realized his two friends had it worse. They swapped bodies with the woman’s two young toddlers. Jeremy might have been uncomfortable, but his friends were practically back to wearing diapers! It only got worse when they all realized the swap wasn’t limited to the local park...

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Ever since the government introduced top secret body swapping technology, Agent X’s job as an undercover assassin had been a breeze. He’d locate his target, find a scapegoat to swap bodies with, take out his target, and then swap into another body -- ideally back to his own, but in a pinch it really didn’t matter. For his latest mission, he had temporary stolen the body of the target’s own wife in order to make the hit. Even though he had a safe distance, security was still tight this far away. However, with this body, no one had even given him a second glance. Now it was just a matter of aiming and firing. Once it was over, he probably wouldn’t get far; he’d probably have to swap with a guard, and once he did that, he’d likely have to kill this body on site. He knew it seemed thrilling, but it was actually pretty routine at this point...

Monday, April 22, 2019


Graham had been trying to track down all of his friends in the wake of the Great Shift. Quite a few swapped between each other, but it took him a while for him to find his best friend, Tom. After about a month, he discovered that Tom had swapped with a woman who lived a few towns over. After a short phone call, they agreed to meet up, and Graham was off in his car for the hour long drive. He knew Tom was going to be a woman now, but it was absolutely floored when he saw his friend was also in a wheelchair.

“I’ve weirdly gotten used to it rather quickly,” Tom said with a smile, “She lost the use of her legs due to a disease. She told me it will get worse as I get older, but I’m learning to live with it so far. I hesitated to reach out. I didn’t want people feeling bad for me or anything. It’s all fine. Everyone’s had to deal with a lot of weird things in the Shift; this is just the thing that I have to deal with...”

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Electrical Storm

The freakish electrical storm seemed to come out of nowhere. The pilot hadn’t even seen it on his radar before the plane was flying right through it. The turbulence was probably the wildest any of the passengers had ever experienced, and just when it seemed to be over the lights flickered and about half of the people on the plane ended up switching bodies. The pilot made an emergency landing on the closest airstrip.

When Nathan exited the plane, he was doing so as a new person, quite literally. In one of the more dramatic swaps, he ended up as a different gender in the body of a woman on board named Deborah. He knew it was going to be hard to adjust, but for now he was just thankful to be alive. He realized it would’ve been quite easy for one or both of the pilots to have ended up swapping bodies, which might’ve resulted in a crash. He’d just have to figure out how to deal with this.

Saturday, April 20, 2019


Alan looked intently at the snowglobe with the man on a motorcycle inside. He could’ve sworn that just a moment ago he had been that man riding that motorcycle in a snowstorm. He was about to swerve, crash, and likely die, but instead he found himself here sitting in a chair. Had he imagined it all? Had it always been this woman? He didn’t remember being a woman, but he clearly was one. The only life he remembered was the one that seemed to exist only in his imagination while staring into the snowglobe.

Friday, April 19, 2019


Ethan first got the remote several years ago. He was amazed at its power. With the device, he could swap any body parts between two people and choose to have them notice it or not. For the first few years, he used it to swap various parts amongst other people. But recently, he had been using it on himself and swapping his entire body. He usually found himself swapping with women out of curiosity. He was sitting on the balcony of his apartment with his latest body when he knocked the remote off. It shattered on the street into a million pieces. He began to cry. He had been curious about being a woman, but he certainly didn’t want to be stuck as one!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Around Campus

Most students had heard Candice Van Wein attended school at their college, but only a few could attest to actually seeing her. She was the daughter of the biggest donor and she often skipped most of the time and sat in the back on the few days she actually showed up. Then it all changed. Suddenly, she was arriving early, sitting in front, and feverishly taking notes. She had already been the talk of the campus, but this took things to a whole new level.

Of course, no one ever approached her. Everyone was far too intimated. But if they did, she’d happily share a story. And that story was that she wasn’t really Candice; she wasn’t even really a she. Inside Candice’s body was Peter Wen. Peter was a bit of a genius and developed a body swapper, but he was also quite poor. He figured the easiest way to get ahead in life was to steal the body of a rich heiress. It was hard tracking her down, but it was also instantly worth it once he stole her body and her life.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Corporate Sabotage

Being fired at 4PM on a Friday and getting escorted out by security was humiliating for Jared. He was one of the company’s leading technical biomedic researchers and not even being able to tidy up his work or say goodbye to his co-workers felt insulting. But he knew that the company didn’t know a thing about the backups he had on his home computer. He simply opened up some of the files there and got to work. The main source code still needed some work, and he spent much of the weekend with some tweaks. In other files, he found DNA records for the entire company, including the CEO. On Sunday evening, he hooked himself up to his computer and ran the code. The next thing he knew, he was transformed into an exact copy of Laura Ellis, the CEO of his now former company.

He woke up early on Monday, dressing in an outfit his ex-wife had left behind when she divorced him. The leather dress wasn’t exactly something Ms. Ellis would wear, but he figured no one would question it. After all, he otherwise looked exactly like her down to her DNA. Then he arrived at the office at 8AM, entered Ms. Ellis’s office and closed the glass door. This was long before she usually showed up, and he figured it was more than enough time. Laura was one of those people dumb enough to write passwords down on her desk and arrogant enough to demand access to everything. Then it was just a matter of deleting large chunks of code and even larger chunks of backup data. He sauntered out of the glass door of Ms. Ellis’s office a little before 9, satisfied in the corporate sabotage of his former employer.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Roll with It

“How can you be so calm about this?” A frustrated Melinda practically cried.

“I’m not,” Jeff replied with a smile while kicking his feet up onto a table, “You’re the last person I would want in my body for a month. Everyone thinks your neurotic and kind of stuck up. Do you honestly think I want to have to deal with that reputation while in your body, or worse, to have you give people that sort of impression while you’re in my body? Ugh, it’s terrible. But I also know that this swap is for a month, and there’s nothing I can do about that. And so I’m just sort of trying to roll with it. Maybe that’s something you should try too. You can’t just spend every minute of your life acting like your life is over.”

Monday, April 15, 2019

Buying Socks

With nothing exciting going on, the gray, cloudy Saturday seemed like a perfect opportunity for Kevin to go to the mall and buy some socks. Socks weren’t exactly a thrilling thing to buy, but he was certainly in need of the boring essential item. It was one of those malls where the stores were slowly closing, and Kevin meandered from store to store whether they were still open or not. Before he actually reached his destination, an Asian woman approached him with an odd twinkle in her eye. She hugged him quickly and then ran. He couldn’t figure out why she had done that, but when he took another step he felt something strange. His feet didn’t quite hit the floor evenly, and he soon discovered the heels on his feet. But it wasn’t just his shoes that were off, it was his entire body! It didn’t take him long to figure out that he was now in the body of the woman who had given him a hug just moments ago -- he was even wearing her clothes and holding her bag. He slowly made him way to the food court to sit down. What was he going to do? He didn’t know anything about this woman. He didn’t know where she lived, and he didn’t even have a change of clothes! It seemed he was going to have to buy a lot more than socks on this trip!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Paris (Part 3)

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Click here for Part 2.
Eventually, Leo tired of exploring on his own. However, instead of returning to his hotel, he found a few other tourists who had been swapped as well. Sure enough, before the Great Shift they had all been male (like him) and middle aged (like him). But now they were all women and all gorgeous. It seemed like a rather remarkable coincidence, yet there is was. The group continued to explore the city together until late in the night...

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Paris (Part 2)

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Doreen didn’t know what she was missing! The streets of Paris were alive, despite the Great Shift, and Leo was having a fabulous time. At times, he forgot that he was now a beautiful young woman, and at other times he embraced his new body fully. Was he having a wonderful time because Paris was a wonderful city, or was it because he was experiencing it with a wonderful new body? Did it matter? As the hours past, he even stopped thinking about his wife back at the hotel. He was just having too good a time!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Paris (Part 1)

Leo and Doreen only had one week of vacation each year, and this time they decided to spend it in Paris. Of course, neither could’ve expected the Great Shift to strike moments after landing with the couple now finding themselves in completely different bodies. Doreen was crushed; she wanted nothing more than to stay in their hotel room and cry. Leo, on the other hand, decided that being a woman wasn’t a reason to stay cooped up in a room all week. This was their only vacation! How could his wife not enjoy it!? So he went out without her, exploring the streets on his own with his new body...

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Day Late

The curse was supposed to only last a single day. This was something Matt thought he could handle. And so he did. Spending a day as Catherine wasn’t too bad; though being a woman was certainly something he didn’t want to be stuck as. However, the next morning he woke up, he found he was still in her body. He screamed. He yelled. It was supposed to be over; why was he still stuck as Catherine? He didn’t want it to last a moment more, but yet he was still her, even after the curse should’ve been over. What was going on?

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Witness Protection

Marvin mumbled under his breath as he typed the address of his new job into the GPS. After testifying against the mob, he had been promised a new life where no one would ever recognize him, but he never expected anything like this! In order to protect his identity, he underwent an experimental procedure that rewrote his DNA. When he ended up as a woman, he was shocked but he was also sure it was true that no one would ever recognize him. He never dressed in a feminine manner, opting for sneakers and sweatsuits instead. Despite starting a new job, today would be no exception. And, in fact, most things about being a woman annoyed him. Sometimes he wondered if the mob had someone on the inside and had arranged this procedure to torture him. Of course, if that was true, he’d still technically be in danger, wouldn’t he? No matter how safe everyone told him he was, he’d still be spending the rest of his life looking behind his back.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


When he first found the Medallion of Zulu, Lucas was elated. He could use the odd trinket to turn himself into anyone, which he did quite frequently by plucking a random piece of clothing from the dryers at the local laundromat. But when he was out in a borrowed body one day, an electrical fire destroyed his apartment. Luckily, he had the medallion with him at the time, but all his clothes had been burnt away in the fire. He had no way to get back to normal. Worse still was that he had no access to his money. He got resourceful.

It all started with the technique he had perfected back when he was simply experimenting with being random people. He’d pluck some clothes from a dryer at a laundromat. He’d transform himself using the clothes and spend twelve hours or so in their body. After which, he was often quite tired and hungry, but then he’d repeat the process. He’d go into another laundromat, steal some more clothes, and transform himself again. The fortunate result was that he’d be no more tired or hungry than this new body had been when they took off the clothes. As a result, he never needed to eat or sleep; each swap would rejuvenate him; and he had been young and old, male and female; every single race you could imagine.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Dead End Job

Once the Great Shift swapped Chuck into the body of a woman, he thought things were going to be miserable. However, they quickly turned out better than expected. When his dead-end job at the local fast food restaurant reopened, he soon found that no one bugged him about following the dress code any more; he figured it didn’t hurt when he arrived showing a little skin. He’d often slack off and eat burgers and shakes all the time. His manager used to bug him to get back to work and dock his pay for the food he ate; now that food was free and the manager just stared. But the weirdest and best part? The tips! Suddenly customers were just giving him tips; this was particularly weird since it was the kind of place where employees didn’t really get tips. Chuck was really now thinking the Great Shift was the best thing that could’ve possibly happened to him...

Sunday, April 7, 2019


Jason still wasn’t quite used to the sound of his heels clicking as he walked. As he entered the locker room, he expected someone to call him out to tell him he wasn’t supposed to be there. But the spell had swapped his mind into Lei’s body while his own lay lifeless in his bed. This was his chance to see women in all sorts of undress. However, while he was nervous about getting caught, he soon learned his body wasn’t reacting to the excitement as he expected. The spell had almost worked TOO well. Because he had Lei’s body, he also had her hormones. Jason realized that since he was now in the body of a straight woman, he WAS a straight woman.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Weird Enough (Part 3)

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Jim’s urge to use the restroom grew, but he still felt uncomfortable with other women around. So he left the communal room with stalls to find something a little more private. It took quite a while before he finally found a private room, and he was practically ready to pee his pants by the time he entered.

After finishing up, he sure hoped everything else about being stuck in a woman’s body wouldn’t be so bad, or that he’d be able to swap back into his own body sooner as opposed to later.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Weird Enough (Part 2)

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Though there were plenty of empty stalls, Jim was nervous due to the fact that one was occupied. He figured he’d just wait by the sink until the person was done, then enter one himself in order to use the restroom. But the woman inside was taking a long time. By the time she did finally leave, another woman had come in and started. He felt weird just being this close to women as they used the bathroom, but he still wanted privacy for himself so he continued to wait. Meanwhile, his bladder was really starting to build up. He was going to have to relieve himself soon, regardless of who was going at the same time.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Weird Enough (Part 1)

It had only been a few hours so far, but Jim was already feeling pretty uncomfortable about swapping bodies with Angelica. It only got worse when he needed to use the restroom. The thought of using the toilet as a woman was weird enough, but actually going into the women’s room seemed even more foreign. He wanted to enter the men’s room instead, but given his borrowed body, he knew it would be a bad idea. Reluctantly, he opened the door to the women’s restroom, ready to do what needed to be done.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Close Shave

Calvin always used to hate shaving his face when he was a man back before the Great Shift swapped him into the body of a woman. When the Shift happened, he was glad to never have to shave again. However, his sister reminded him that woman shave a lot too; their armpits, their legs, and even often their private area. Calvin hated the thought, but once he actually started he decided it wasn’t so bad. For starters, he didn’t have to do it nearly as often. The hair was also much less thick. Sure, it was a far cry from no shaving, but it was a trade off he’d take again if given the choice.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Adam had been skiing on a difficult trail in a remote section of an isolated mountain when the unthinkable happened. He could see the avalanche in the distance and wished he was some place safe. He would give anything if he could just survived this. Right before the wall of snow overtook him, he found himself at the bottom of a mountain not far from where he had been. The trails were much safer and the nearby ski lodge attracted many tourists. He took a moment to be glad that he was alive before noticing the long nails at the end of his fingers. Then he noticed his shapely body, heeled boots, long hair, and stylish clothes. He truly had given up everything -- his life, his body, his gender! He had escaped death, but he had done so by somehow swapping into the body of a woman several miles away. He was worried, and yet when he heard this distant sound of an avalanche, he suddenly felt a lot more at peace with the situation.

Monday, April 1, 2019


Kevin was much more used to being behind the camera instead of in front of it, but the Great Shift had suddenly swapped the cameraman into the body of the fashion reporter he was filming. He soon got a call from the station; they were looking for live broadcasts about the Shift and any other reporters in the field were unreachable or completely unable due to their new bodies. Kevin was their only hope. He stood there nervously in front of the camera. He felt hyper aware of everything about his now female body from the weight of the hair on his head to the thick on camera makeup on his face to the bra digging into his skin. But when the camera turned on, so did he. There was just some sort of natural instinct about this body. He nailed the report, discussing the effects on the Shift with the anchor in the studio. Then he moved out onto the street with interviews. He kept going strong for hours, slowly forgetting about the fact that he was now a woman.