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Saturday, August 15, 2020


Gene adjusted his glasses in disbelief at the object he saw in the sky. It was like a strange floating disc, and there seemed to be a beam of light coming from it pointed straight toward him. In the next moment, the disc disappeared and the sky became a darker color. Gene wondered for a moment if he had imagined what he saw.

But it was no illusion. Gene did indeed seeing a flying saucer. The aliens inside beamed him inside. They performed all sorts of experiments on him to try to figure out how humans worked. They removed organs; they put organs back; they wiped memories. When the aliens had finished, they placed Gene and the other humans they experimented on back. Of course, not quite understanding how humans worked, they weren’t picky which organs went back in which human. As long as the body continued to survive -- which was easy with their technology -- the aliens were satisfied. Gene’s brain, for instance, was placed in the body of a woman they abducted.

Gene began to tell himself he must have imagined it and began to walk back to his car. It took only two steps before he realized something was wrong. Whatever he had seen clearly had done something -- it had swapped him into a woman’s body! How was such a thing possible in only an instant? He didn’t even know he had been on the ship or that a full day had passed...

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  1. There are stories about Alien abduction. Most believed its pure bunk. But others believe. And there are that were. Gene never really believe in Aliens. After they done what they need. They returned Gene back. But Gene felt strange, different, She thought she a man , but that silly how could I be a guy. Its those strange dreams. I have last night!!