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Monday, August 24, 2020

Hi Tech

It hadn’t been too long ago that Evan had been the CEO of one of the largest tech companies in the world. While other billionaires turned to philanthropy or space exploration, Evan had gotten involved in neurobiology. He had poured loads of his fortune into developing the ability to repair brain damage or complete transplants. The work was both experimental and revolutionary. He had been observing a test in one of the labs he owned that attempting to rewrite a neuropathway to convince a young woman to stop smoking. Unfortunately, something went wrong and everyone in attendance had their neuropathways mixed up with each other.

Evan found himself in the body of the young woman who had volunteered. However, he also felt like pieces of his brain were missing. He knew he was a tech expert, but now even turning on a computer seemed like an insurmountable task. He felt much more girlie and in love with all things pink. On the plus side, he didn’t have any urge to smoke.

In a lot of ways, it was hard to tell who really was who, but no one doubted Evan. Despite the ditziness of his new body, he still commanded respect. He still controlled his vast fortune. Of course, now he started buying expensive beauty treatments, designer clothes, and pink cars and such.

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  1. He was the head of a company. And a new technology was being developed, its suppose to be to help. People to develop them into a new life. Either something what that shouldn't happen. Or the technology is to new to understand it property.