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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Cursed Apartment

Carly had moved into the apartment two months ago, her first after graduating college. Things had been going well until the bathroom sink stopped working on a Friday night as she planned for a night out. She called the super in a panic, and she was pleasantly surprised when arrived quickly. The super was an old man. He seemed nice enough, but she was a little creeped out by the way he eyed her up. He told her the repairs would only take about ten minutes.

And sure enough, after ten minutes, the super yelled for Carly to come in. He was cleaning up and explaining the problem; Carly was just disinterested and ready to leave. But things took a weird turn when the super started saying something in a foreign language. Suddenly, Carly’s joints ached and there was a rag in her hand. She saw her own body and her jaw dropped.

“What did you do?” She screamed, “Why am I you?”

“You’ll get used to it,” Her own body said, “I did. I was a young man before the super before me took my body. I didn’t want to be a chick, but I didn’t have much of a choice. There’s some sort of curse in the building. A new tenant switches into the super’s body, who then switches with the next new tenant. You’ll have all the handyman’s know-how, even about how to swap again. You just have to wait for a renter to ask for a repair. It’ll be just like this, but you’ll be on the other end of it. And I’ll even help you out. Consider this my notice; I’ll be out by the end of the month.”


  1. It supposed be temporary place until you find a better place. She find out that the place is cursed. And she's not she anymore. She's the super and the super is her. And she'll be moving out by the end of the month!!!