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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Second Date

There were no words to describe the horrific nature of what Jack and Anna had just experienced in the museum’s Egyptian wing. Some cursed artifact had been somehow triggered and ancient spirits began to possess guests. In some ways, Jack and Anna had both been fortunate in that neither had been possessed. However, being in such close proximity to the chaos, their spirits did get shaken up a bit. As a result, Jack’s spirit was now inside of Anna and visa versa.

They didn’t speak as they wandered into another wing and finally sat down. Jack still didn’t want to say anything, but as the man, was he supposed to offer comfort? Of course, he wasn’t really ‘the man’ anymore now that he had Anna’s body; maybe she should be the one comforting him? Was comfort even appropriate? After all, this museum trip was only their second date. He began to think how he really didn’t even know Anna all that well, and now he was expected to be her? To live her life? Go to her job? Despite the stress and worry, he still sat silent and unflinching. Anna did the same.

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