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Friday, August 7, 2020

Unpleasant (Part 2)

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It was probably just dumb luck, but John managed to get his hands free right as the woman transformed into a man tried to climb on top of him. A swift punch to the groin and John was able to run and hide. With his hands free, he knew he could probably figure out how to remove the gag; he could explain who he was; maybe he’d even be transformed back into his own body. But from his hidden vantage point, he saw an angry person that didn’t look like they wanted to listen. The safest course of action wasn’t going to be to talk, it was going to be to escape. He knew it meant he’d be stuck in the body of this woman likely for good, but he wasn’t sure he had a better option.


  1. Before the act of revenge would start. He or she escape before it was started. The problem is she bound and gaged. In a forest where she doesn't know. He's or she's still a girl. Which one is the worse!