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Sunday, August 9, 2020


Brian had been swimming in the surf when he suddenly found himself walking along the boardwalk instead. He hadn’t been anywhere near the boardwalk, and he wondered how he got here. As he walked, he made a clicking sound on the boards, and he soon noticed the heels on his feet and the very different body he now possessed. He quickly ran to a sightseeing telescope, making more frantic clicking sounds with his shoes. 

He looked out into the distance, just barely able to make his body in the waves. It seemed just as confused as he was, except with the danger of the undertow instead of the safety of dry land. He wanted to scream out, for someone to save his body. But it was much too far away, and if he screamed, he might draw attention his way instead of to his drowning body. He could only watch helplessly from a distance as it went under. 

1 comment:

  1. It was just a day on the beach. Then something strange happen thou he was a\on the beach. He wasn't near a boardwalk. And he wasn't himself anymore. He a girl in a bathing suit and heels. But how or why!!