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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Second Date (Part 2)

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Jack continued to data Anna for a few months, but it eventually fell apart. Jack wasn’t sure if Anna just wasn’t his type, or if it was just too weird to date someone acting quite girlie in his own body. He supposed he wasn’t much different himself. Anna had previously had a closet full of skirts and dresses, but now that her body was his, he mostly wore jeans and rarely put on makeup. 

Jack wasn’t even sure if he wanted to date guys at all, but he kept doing it for one reason. After a first date where he’d let the guy pay for a dinner or a movie, Jack would eagerly suggest the spot for a second date, the museum. He knew it was a long shot, but he hoped for another incident. He prayed before the date that the spirits would shake up the wing again, and he’d someone find himself in another new body, a guy’s body.

It never happened.

Jack would then spend the rest of the time walking through the museum with his date. He’d look at paintings that he had now seen many times. And after walking around for an hour or two, it would be time to leave. Most of the guys he dated thought things went pretty well; they’d expect a kiss or some were so bold to even ask Jack to come back home with them. But no matter what, Jack would end it right then and there; no one would ever make it past a second date.

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