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Thursday, August 27, 2020


Roberto clutched the device tightly in his hands as he walked through the desert. His family had paid handsomely for it, but it was a guaranteed way for him to cross the border into America and stay safe. He didn’t want to leave; he had to. The cartel had targeted him after he had witnessed a drug deal gone wrong. As he approached the border wall. He couldn’t see what was on the other side, but he knew it wouldn’t stop the device. He looked down at it with the small button on top. He knew he had to press the button and aim it north, straight at the wall. It would transmit his brain waves into the body of someone on the other side, causing him to take over their body and leaving that person in his. He figured he’d most likely swap with a member of the border patrol or some civilian yokel caught up in vigilantism. Either way, it seemed almost fitting. He took a deep breath as he pressed down.

The change was instantaneous. He was now on the other side of the wall -- far enough away that the wall wasn’t even visible anymore -- and siting on a log in some sort of ranch. But his body felt all strange, and as he expected himself, he soon found out why. He hadn’t swapped bodies with a border patrol agent or something, he had swapped with a woman just sunning herself in the expansive backyard of her own property. Roberto wanted to say she was just an average person, but honestly there wasn’t very much “average” about her. She was gorgeous with well endowed proportions, and that body was all his now. This wasn’t what he expected and he wouldn’t have asked for this, but he knew he was safe now. No one would ever suspect it was him in this body.

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