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Wednesday, August 19, 2020


Ed was growing impatient with his friend, Henry. Sure, he did initially agree to come over and help test a new body swapping device that Henry had invented, and the first test was a perfect swap between Ed and Henry. But things went very wrong when they tried to swap back. Instead of swapping back to his own body, Ed got swapped into the body of Henry’s sister, who was staying in his spare bedroom. Henry tried again and Ed wound up in the body of one of Henry’s neighbors.

Henry begged Ed to let him try again. As Ed sat there playing with now unfamiliar long hair, he told his friend that he wasn’t exactly confident at this point it would turn out okay. But he also realized he didn’t have much of a choice, as the last thing he wanted was to be stuck in this woman’s body.

Henry tried again, but this time nothing happened. It took Henry a minute to realize the internal batteries of his device were dead, and it would take several hours to recharge.  Nobody in the house was happy with Henry...

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