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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Birthday (Part 9)

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Matt felt like he couldn’t catch a break. He was only in that body for a few moments before switching again. This time he was thankful to be a man again--though he noticed his hand had much darker skin. However, on his other arm was a very attractive woman. He could feel a throbbing in his groin; he had certainly missed this feeling. After about an hour of dancing, he ended up switching bodies with the object of his desires. Matt could feel the effects of the woman’s constant dancing and drinking. He was very tipsy and her leather pants felt soaked and sticky with sweat. The woman in the man’s body didn’t freak out. In fact, it wasn’t long before the two were making out and humping in a secluded corner.


  1. Twists and turns with more & more people involved , now a black dude in a pretty white girls body, now he trades with a black hot chick, where will it all end - or will it? What is going on. Maddening mysterious story. PLS continue

  2. your other site Nude TG Captions seams tobe blocked at the moment could have a virus