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Friday, October 21, 2011

Birthday (Part 8)

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Matt had been stuck in the older woman’s body for two days before he finally felt the familiar tingle. He found himself outside of a club, now in the body of a much younger woman. A cell phone in his new purse rang almost immediately. The caller ID said “Mom.” Matt picked it up to hear crying. He knew that he must’ve swapped bodies with the woman’s daughter--perhaps a second daughter? It meant that Matt was young again, but the daughter had lost several decades of her life now that she was trapped in her own mother’s body. Matt wished he could do something to help, but so far the swaps had been out of his control and a little unpredictable. He didn’t know who he would swap with or how long he would swap for--A few days? A few minutes? Though he continued to hear sobbing over the phone, Matt slowly hung up the cell and placed it back in his purse.


  1. How evil! I know it's not his fault, but thanks to him people all over are being forced out of their bodies. Also that wasn't very nice to just hang up on her, lol.

  2. Powerful& sad series of people being ripped out of their lives and bodies.
    Thanks for continuing!