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Monday, October 17, 2011

The game

Kevin was really regretting finding that strange board game in the attic. Once he saw it, he felt compelled to bring it downstairs, and his entire family seemed forced to play. His first roll of the die resulted in drawing a card that instructed him to switch bodies with the player to his left, his sister Gwen. He didn’t really mind that. Gwen was hot (even if Kevin wouldn’t admit it under normal circumstances). She had been dressed to go out on a date when the game pulled her in. Kevin uncomfortably adjusted himself in her leather dress, weirded out by the two large breasts now hanging from his chest. The rest of the family continued the game. The next few moves resulted with his parents swapping genitals, his brother peeing himself, and his sister losing a turn. Kevin went again, and he was made to switch ages with his father. Then the game paused--forcing the family to live with their changes for 24 hours until it resumed. This meant that for the next day Kevin would be in a version of his sister’s body that was 50 years old!


  1. This is your BEST ever caoption, I love the part where his parents switch genitals. Please...mroe captions with part swapping :) Thank you!!

  2. I love this caption, I want to read more and yes more part swapping